January 26, 2015


January 7th In History: It Happened Today.

Nikola Tesla

Nikola Tesla

The following is your daily snapshot of what happened on this day in history: January 7th.

January 7, 1800: Millard Fillmore, 13th President of the United States.
January 7, 1912: Charles Addams, cartoonist (“The Addams Family”.
January 7, 1948: Kenny Loggins, American singer.
January 7, 1957: Katie Couric, American television host.
January 7, 1964: Nicolas Cage, American actor.

January 7, 1536: Catherine of Aragon, consort of Henry VIII of England.
January 7, 1913: Jack Boyle, American baseball player.
January 7, 1943: Nikola Tesla, Serbian-born inventor and electrical engineer.
January 7, 1960: Dorothea Douglass Chambers (aka Katharine Lambert Chambers), UK tennis player.
January 7, 1989: Hirohito, Emperor of Japan (b. 1901)

January 7, 1610: Galileo Galilei makes his first observation of the four Galilean moons.
January 7, 1782: The first American commercial bank, the Bank of North America, opens.
January 7, 1797: The modern Italian flag is first used.
January 7, 1936: Tennis champs Helen Moody & Howard Kinsley volley 2,001 times (1h18m).
January 7, 1942: World War II: The siege of the Bataan Peninsula begins.
January 7, 1942: WWII siege of Bataan starts.
January 7, 1946: Cambodia becomes autonomous state inside French Union.
January 7, 1959: US recognizes Fidel Castro‘s Cuban government.
January 7, 1972: LA Lakers chalk up 33rd consecutive win (NBA record).
January 7, 1979: Vietnamese forces capture Phnom Penh from Khmer Rouge.
January 7, 1983: Reagan ends US arms embargo against Guatemala.
January 7, 1986: US president Reagan proclaims economic sanctions against Libya.
January 7, 1999: The Senate trial in the impeachment of U.S. President Bill Clinton begins.

“I could announce one morning that the world was going to blow up in three hours and people would be calling in about my hair!” –Katie Couric, CBS news anchor.

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