January 28, 2015


Wyoming’s Amazing State Parks: Guernsey State Park

Guernsey State Park Facts

Guernsey State Park Facts

For a person who loves history, culture, nature and adventure sports, what could be better than a vacation at the Guernsey State Park? The Guernsey State Park is a historic district and state park near Guernsey, Wyoming. It is also known by the names of Lake Guernsey State Park, Guernsey State Park Historic District, Lake Guernsey Park, Guernsey Lake Park, or Guernsey State Park. The park is surrounded by the Guernsey Reservoir on the North Platte River.

The park was constructed by the joint efforts of the Bureau of Reclamation, the National Park Service, and the Civilian Conservation Corps. The project of Guernsey State Park was a first-of-its-kind cooperative venture.

The Guernsey State Park was declared a National Historic Landmark in 1997, for its Civilian Conservation Corps buildings and structures. There are 60 contributing resources: 14 buildings, 3 sites, and 43 structures, as well as 46 non-contributing resources. There is a separate National Historic Landmark, the Oregon Trail Ruts, in the park.

The exhibits of the Civilian Conservation Corps and the natural and cultural history of the park can be studied at the Guernsey State Park Museum.

One of Wyoming’s most attractive reservoirs is located in the Guernsey State Park. It offers some wonderful boating locations and recreational facilities. The waters at the park are perfect for swimming and water sports as they are warm due to the presence of high bluffs in the eastern area of the park. These bluffs block the wind from the park area.

The park is a haven for boating, camping, fishing, hiking, bird-watching and picnicking. There are excellent hiking trails in the park. Many Civilian Conservation Corps’ projects in the park provide tours through Castle, Brimmer Point and the Museum. A nine-hole golf course, abandoned in the early 1940s, can also be visited.

There are seven campgrounds in the Guernsey State Park out of which five are near to the lake. These campgrounds offer amenities such as comfort stations, picnic tables, fire grills and drinking water. There is a trailer dump station located at the south entrance to Guernsey State Park.

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